Kabinet 1
Catering Services


Food preparation, delivery and waitering services held to the highest quality standards. Choose from 3 pre-compiled catering options/menus or call us and compile a menu of your choice and leave the rest to us.

Menu price

80.00 kn


Bruschetta with tomatoes and feta cheese

Rolls of rind and young cheese

Chicken burger

Canape with kulen and sauce

Quinoa salad with turmeric dressing

Canapes with tuna and capers

Mini gourmet burger


Menu price

100.00 kn


Mini executive steak

Mini beef burger

Bruschetta with tomato and shrimp

Spring rolls

Stuffed pork fillet canape

Sirloin salad

Caprese skewers

Menu price

120.00 kn


Tempura shrimp

Canapes with rolled rump steak

Canapes with hummus and smoked salmon

Beefsteak skewers with oyster sauce

Cheese and spinach rolls

Tuna with sesame seeds

Canapes with prosciutto and Pag cheese

Cijena pića

40.00 kn


Sparkling mineral water

Natural spring water

Fresh squeezed juice

Carbonated fizzy drinks (sodas)

Red "House wine" Merlot

White "House wine" Rukatac

Additional information

Estimated duration of catering service – up to 2 hours.

Prices are per person.

VAT- included in the price.

Offer option – 8 days.

Catering fee for cups, ice and serving – 5.00 kn

The rest of the drinks are charged at the bar.

Note: the client can bring his own alcoholic beverages, but then he is obliged to pay the catering fee for glasses, ice and serving – 10.00 kn

Banquet hall for weddings with decorative elements
Weddings organization services


Organising a wedding party takes a lot of time and effort. If your schedule ain’t free, you could always opt for outsourcing a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner can take a lot of work off your hands, but would boost your budget a bit. Nontheless, choosing the theme, menu, invitation design, wedding decour and much more isn’t always easy and tireless process, not to mention the new rules and regulations with the global pandemic. For a increase in your budget, a wedding planner could take a lot of work off your hands.

Banquet hall for weddings, banquet hall decoration, atmospheric decor
Weddings organization services

Dinner reception/ Hall

The wide and spacious open poolside site at Kabinet 2 site in the city of Sinj is a perfect place for celebrations. Roomy and spacious, with eating, drinking and partying areas. Sinj is a lot smaller then Split, so privacy, but also parking space is guaranteed. The venue also has good lighting and acoustics, so you won’t have to be ashed of your wedding photos and video 😊

Kabinet 2 Sinj also rents the venue for other type of celebrations like baptisms, communions etc.